Payment Info

WebHosting Garage accepts both 2checkout and credit cards payments for any order. We use 2checkout payment gateway.

Payment process

After you've selected a suitable hosting plan and pressed "Order" button you have to complete a payment process.

  1. First you should choose the option for your domain name.
  2. Then you can choose billing cycle for the selected package: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
  3. Please review your shopping cart details at this stage. If they are correct you can proceed to checkout page or continue shopping. If product information is incorrect you can edit it or remove the product from shopping cart at all.
  4. It is required to fill in the form with your personal information. All fields are required. There is only 2checkout as a payment method. It is chosen by default. If you want to write some message to our tech support (e.g. you need a dedicated IP or SSL certificate) you can use the field "Notes/Additional information". Please note that you should read "Terms of Service" document and tick off the checkbox.

Note: If you are already a customer of WebHosting Garage please click on link "Click here to login" and log in your account. This way you shouldn't fill your personal information each time you make a new order.

Click on "Complete order" button will redirect you to the website of chosen payment gateway. You will receive a letter from WebHosting Garage with topic "Customer Invoice" and your order details to email address you specify in personal details. As soon as order is paid you will be redirected to WebHosting Garage site and you will receive an email with order confirmation info.