About Us


Greetings! We appreciate your choice of our hosting company. Here you have an opportunity to join most sufficient and fast growing hosting team.

About Us..

WebHosting-Garage is a hosting company that cares about clients on all stages. Our service is focused on Web hosting, IT consulting, outsourcing and tech support.


The staff is an asset for our successful company. There are more than 20 high-skilled professionals with more than 5 years experience dealing with client's problems during their daily routines. We use their skills and great teamwork experience to solve hard problems and achieve the perfect goals. We are very proud of our staff!

Customer Care..

Respectful customer relationship and quality of our service is an important part of our cooperation with clients. Reliability, professionalism and patience are the keywords of your success. We are working hard 24/7 to be best in hosting business!

Obvious advantages..

Webhosting-garage.com ensures service with 99.9% uptime. We are using powerful means to protect your sites from unauthorized access. We have server-side anti-virus system to keep your content out of troubles. We support all cutting-edge techniques and technologies and keep an eye on your requirements at the same time.

Our corporate policy is to employ full time high skilled system administrators to provide fully managed hosting for all our respective clients. The quality of their important job is our source of pride.

Prospective cooperation..

We offer standard time plans for everyone who wants to join fast and ready to discuss any of your inquiry to match your potential requirement. We are open to offer reselling plans, VPS/VDS, or any type of dedicated servers. Contact Us Now!

Terms and guaranties..

We are proud to fulfill our guarantee obligations and offer solutions that help to solve your day-by-day issues. We are working with pleasure to meet your expectations!

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